Friday, May 6, 2011

New Blog Address

Hey Guys!

      I am decided to migrate from using Blogger and using a self-hosted Wordpress blog on my home server "Celestia." With this, I am also renaming the blog "Ascension." On the new blog, I will still discuss the old astrology and tarot concepts, but I will also be moving into more New Age stuff as well.

     As I am becoming more interested in New Age beliefs and philosophies and discovering more about the Universe and about the world, I also learn more about myself and my Divine origins. It is part of my mission, as a Starseed, to help humanity. When I write things down in my own words, it shows I truly understand it, and that is my goal.

     The new blog address is:

     I hope to see you there!

Love and light,

Friday, April 8, 2011

A New Gaian Society: A Monologue Series

     Hey guys! I know it has been quite a while since I last posted, but I have some news.

     I will be starting a monologue series on Youtube called "A New Gaian Society." I based the name off of a channeling I did about the current state of the planet. The particular group, called the "Confederation of Planets," spoke of "a new society for the Gaian people, based on 'love and light of the Universe.'" So, that is where the name came from.

     During the series, I will speak about many different subjects such as channeling, energy, the Universe, our galaxy, other religions in relation to the new society, and more. I have created an introductory video outlining the philosophies of the show.

During the show, I may speak of topics that some deem controversial such as how other races played a role in our development as one of the many human races in the galaxy. You do not have to believe every single thing I say, but you should keep an open mind about it.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Tarot and How Planets Express Themselves

I was on the Astrology Weekly forum and came across a technique to convert planet locations into Major Arcana cards in Tarot. I have my own deck, I bought some books, and I have been practicing readings on my aunty and various people.

When I discovered this technique, I started to convert the planet degrees and minutes to their corresponding Major Arcana cards. It really does help me understand the planets in my natal chart. The technique involves converting a planets degree to the 360 degree format, adding each digit separately, then reducing (if necessary) the number until it is 1-22. 1 being the Magician, 22 is The Fool.

If I were to see the corresponding Major Arcana card for my Sun's position (1 13 Cancer,)

1 Cancer = 91 (converted to 360 degree format)
9 + 1 + 1 + 3 = 14, the correysponding Major Arcana card for my Sun is Temperance. Temperance is "bringing together opposite qualities, cooperation, compatibility, and doing spiritual healing work." (some keywords for Temperance, not all the meanings of the card)

If I were to convert my Moon to its Major Arcana card,
7 49 Taurus
7 Taurus = 37
3 + 7 + 4 + 9 = 24; 2 + 4 = 6
The corresponding card would be The Lovers. Some keywords are "The union of what is divine in us and the universe, recognition of duality, and the coming together of opposites." This card describes how my Moon (inner emotion nature, subconscious tendencies) express themselves.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Chart Specifics: Work and Career

One of the second most viewed items during an astrological reading is work, money, and the careers an individual may be good at. To see these, we look to the houses associated with the Earth signs (2nd house of money and possessions; 6th house of work and daily habits; and 10th house of professional life and career.) There are a few key rules that you must remember.
  • the 2nd house indicates the areas that we can make the most money;
  • the 6th house indicates the areas where we feel secure and comfortable;
  • the 10th house indicates the areas where we can be successful; where we can rise to the top.
We know that career choices can change and career choices can be difficult. Astrology can help us to identify the areas that come easy to us, and the areas that can be challenging.

We look to the planets in these houses to tell us what careers are best for each category. If the house has no planets, look at the house ruler.

A person once told me, "You would be very successful in the military." It is funny he told me that, because I have Mars in the 10th house. Mars rules the police, dentistry, sports, and the military (to name a few.) Of course, with Mars squaring both Mercury and Jupiter, the military as a career conflicts with my beliefs and philosophies. So, even if I would be successful, I would not be happy there.

I have Uranus and Neptune in the 2nd house, this could indicate that astrology (Uranus) or a psychic or a spiritual healer (Neptune) could be alternative sources of income. Astrology is definitely something I am interesting in learning (Uranus ruling the 3rd house, and, this blog.)

I am interested in hearing the reader's techniques for determining ideal careers via natal charts. This method has worked for me, but there are some better, more developed techniques out there. Leave them in the comment section and tell me what you guys think about my technique.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Birth and How it Works;

We all should know how birth works in a physical sense, but what about the spiritual aspects of birth?

There are actually three births you go through. Spiritual birth (up to 14 hours before physical birth), physical birth, and soul birth (up to 24 hours after physical birth)

Spiritual birth is the time when your soul begins the merging process with the body. This happens after you are prepared for a life here and have all you need.

Physical birth is of course, when the baby is pulled out of the uterus.

Soul birth, is the time when the merging process of soul and body is complete. When the "living human" as we know it, is complete. The baby is conscious about a few minutes before "soul birth."

The human body, is in essence, a design so complex that it takes up to a day for the soul to fully merge with it. We have everything we need to live our live here and to learn our lessons and achieve our destiny or purpose.

Your name is a lot more than the title you go by. Your name not only marks your expression into the outer world, but who you are. The name is subconsciously transmitted to the parents a little bit after spiritual birth has started. Ask your parents why the named you what they named you, and you may find that they really never knew; it just "sounded good." or they "liked it." In your name, what you were born with, what you came to learn, and who you are is encoded in each letter. Your birthday wasn't a coincidence, you chose the wave of souls you wished to incarnate with. They have very similar lessons that you have and each member has something in common. Everybody is different, but there is something about each generation that everyone in it shares. Take a look at the generation today, and see the commonalities.

Astrology and numerology are different ways to decode the complex ciphers of the name and birth details. Numerology decodes the name and birth date, and astrology decodes the birth date, time, and place. When you get an astrological or numerological reading, you are reading what the spirits have encoded for you, and specifically for you.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Chart Specifics: Relationships

     According to a friend of mine who is a professional Vedic astrologer, the top three things that clients go to professional astrologers are:  relationships, money, and career. Most professional astrologers begin to look at these three things as the first thing they look at before even figuring out what the client wants. In a series of succession posts, I will discuss the specific areas to look for in a chart including spiritual path, relationships, jobs, money, career, natural talents.

     The first one I will discuss is relationships. Apart from money and career, this is the most diverse portion of the birth chart. Some astrologers absolutely despise this portion, but this portion interests me. There are three major things you need to look at.
  • sign, position, and aspects of the 7th house ruler.
  • planets and their aspects to the 7th house.
  • Venus/Mars.
My natal chart for visual purposes.

  The most basic thing you should look at in a chart is Venus (if you are a guy,) or Mars (if you are a girl.) This will show the general types of people they are attracted to. If in Virgo, they are attracted to analytical, hard-working partners. If in Libra, they appreciate physically attractive, balanced partners. Mine is in Gemini, so I am attracted to intelligent, witty, social girls. (I generally agree with that.)

The 7th house ruler and aspects are very important in this. They show, even deeper, what kinds of people you may attract/are attracted to. The planets in the 7th house show the partners/circumstances you are promised. Let us take all these ideas and synthesize them. (This also assumes you have a basic knowledge of the planets in the houses as well.)
  • secure, emotional [Cancer] relationships are a major part of my life. Without a partner in my life, I feel lost and incomplete. [Sun in the 7th house] I require communication in a relationship and talkative, intelligent partners are greatly favored. [Relationships Ruler, Mercury in the 7th]
  • I have been promised a bright, talkative, beautiful partner who may have a temper. [Sun, Mercury, Venus in the 7th house. Venus square Mars]
Timing relationships can involve the outer planets, your relationships ruler, and your chart ruler. If your 1st house ruler is conjunct your 7th house ruler in the 6th house, You may meet someone through work OR you may meet someone who performs performs duties to you.

The asteroid Juno indicates the kind of partner you will relate to the best. In Sagittarius, I relate to those with Sagittarian qualities.

The next 'Chart Specifics' I will look at is spiritual path. This one is a more direct and there are still many signs.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Expressions of Your Outer Planets; Midpoints again.

In a previous post, I discussed midpoints and how to calculate and use them. I will now show you a astrological technique where the midpoint method gets put into use. When doing readings, you do not normally have a lot of time (30mins) to look at a chart. This is why most professional astrologers do not use most of the midpoints. A chart for which you could read more often such as yourself will have the midpoints done.
    The outer planets (Uranus, Neptune, Pluto) move very slowly and take a generation to go through a sign. That suggests that the expressions are generational, or, more global in nature. If you want to see how the outer planets express themselves in your life, you can use midpoints. These are the Sun/Uranus (expression of individuality,) Sun/Neptune (expression of your dreams and ideals,) and Sun/Pluto (expression of transformation in your life. Note: This will not indicate what the tranformations are, but how they will take place.)

The Sun/Uranus midpoint's position by very close aspect (1° or less) and sign will indicate the expression of your individuality. My Sun/Uranus midpoint falls on 15°24' Libra, which could have many different interpretations. In Libra, the expression of my individuality is in relationships or friends. My friends see my true individuality, and they appreciate it.

My Sun/Neptune midpoint falls on 13°0' Libra. Again, my dreams are expressed through my social life and partnerships.

The Sun/Pluto midpoint which is the most important in my opinion, shows how transformation occurs in my life, my Sun/Pluto Midpoint falls on 14°47' Virgo in a direct conjunction with Mars. Transformation will not only occur in a Virgoan manner (being analyzed, judged but also in a Martian manner (forcefully, aggressively.) Forceful transformation through judgment and scrunity. Ouch. I have already felt this occurring.

Develop interpretations for your own Sun/outer planet midpoints and see if those play out in your life.

Friday, January 21, 2011

The Energy Field of The Earth; The Veil.

     On the last post, I mentioned how astrology works esoterically. The soul carrying the planetary energies to the body. Is the soul affected? No. The soul grows and evolves its inner knowledge, but that's it. I like to use the car analogy for this. The driver is the soul, the car is the body, the personality is the type of car and all the enhancements and decorations applied to it. The spiritual path is the road. Karma is all the changes, and obstacles in your way. The more road the driver traverses and the more obstacles he avoids, he becomes a better driver.
     Also as mentioned in the last post, Earth is at its most fundamental level, a school. Just like any school, you don't want your students leaving until your lesson is done. This is the veil.
     The veil is an etheric energy field cutting us off from the other dimensions expect the ones closest to us in vibrational density. Its control center is located on the Moon (in an etheric state.) and it keeps us protected until we know what we're doing. Recently, the veil has been getting weaker. Is a being up there doing this? No. Its us.

     It started in the 1960's, when the veil was pierced open, many people grew in consciousness. That is when the traditional method of doing things was overthrown. They were realizing that the world wasn't right, and they changed it. If enough humans focus energy, we can intend to create a reality which we want. This happened in 1987, an event known as the Harmonic Convergence. Nearly everybody focused on a brighter future. When this happened, the veil weakened severely. People were realizing that the world had been wrong for so long.

     This is leading Earth into a New Age. The Age of Aquarius, as they say. The Earth, the Solar System, and the Galaxy are changing. The Golden Age is approaching. We will hit the next stage in our evolutionary phase.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

The Basics of Esoteric Beliefs; Embodiment Of The Soul

"Esoteric (Esotericism)
The term Esotericism refers to the doctrines or practices of esoteric knowledge, or otherwise the quality or state of being described as esoteric, or obscure. Esoteric knowledge is that which is specialised or advanced in nature, available only to a narrow circle of "enlightened", "initiated", or highly educated people. In contrast, exoteric knowledge is knowledge that is well-known or public."
 There are many who share these beliefs, but not many who truly understand the nature of energy, the 12 densities, the veil surrounding the Earth, and the different ways a soul can interact with and live in the physical world. (3rd density)

The soul is a body of energy which is individualized from Source (undifferentiated universal energy.) The soul has its own thought process and free will, as given to it. The first souls that were fragmented from Source fragmented themselves into new souls. Each copy is different, but the same. The soul is made or pure energy, it cannot be destroyed, it cannot die. Eventually, the soul will become part of Source, which will fragment themselves again. (That will not happen for a long time.)

When the planets were created, the souls then could not actually live on them. They could only hover overhead and watch the chemical processes and animals. The souls wanted to experience this for themselves, so they fragmented themselves until they could drop low enough in vibration to be able to walk among these worlds. The physical world as we know it was born.

This is not a lesson on the start of the Earth, or the universe, so I will not go much into that. The Earth is a school for the soul. The soul comes down here to learn lessons, work off past life karma, and some even come to help Earth raise in consciousness. The soul has several bodies in different but very close dimensions. These bodies are astral, causal, etheric, emotional, mental, and physical in that order. Each body is a subset of the one above. (Note how the physical body is last.)

 Every planet, every star, every quasar, every asteroid are the physical form of older souls! Their etheric and astral bodies are high in vibration and watch over the universe. Some of the first souls are embodied as stars.

Astrology is not a pseudoscience, astrology is not fortune-telling, astrology is a way to understand yourself, understand the universe and world around you. Astrology works because the souls embodied in the planets touch the souls that are being born. The soul, when making its incarnation on Earth, will fly from the South Node of the Moon to our bodies-about-to-be-born. Why do the planets have any effect on us? Because the soul will carry the planetary energies to the body, making the earthly personality, and looks.

This article will be continued in a second part, The Energy Field of The Earth; The Veil.

Using House Rulerships; Roving Delegates

     When looking at the natal chart, it is important to not only understand what each individual elements represents, but also how the elements work together. Using the house rulerships, or "roving delegates," is one method of understanding how the elements work together.
     The idea of roving delegates of houses is that the house's energies carry to the other house. This idea is best expressed by looking at one's natal chart and applying the roving delegates.
     The ruler of the sign on the house cusp is considered the "house ruler." If the 5th house cusp if on Scorpio, than the ruler of the 5th house is Pluto. 5th house activities are colored in a Plutonian manner (transforming, healing, need for power.) Its safe to say that the natives children will have Scorpio traits or might even be Scorpios! The roving delegates expand this. If Pluto was in the 7th house, Pluto acts as a "delegate" of the 5th house, bringing 5th house energies of the 7th house. Interpreting this, you might say that in your relationships, you gain a great amount of pleasure and they are fun to you. You synthesize this with the Pluto in the 7th house interpretation along with the rest. Using this technique expands your understanding of how the house interacts with the rest of the chart.
     In the case of my chart, my 11th house ruler, Venus, is in the 7th house. You could interpret this as all your relationships coming from your friends, or all your relationships remain friends, no matter what happens, or, using alternative interpretations, your partner(s) could help you realize and achieve your goals and dreams. The roving delegate system is widely supported and used.
     Until next time, when I discuss how Sun-sign astrology has both helped and harmed the science of astrology as we know it.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

About the New Zodiac, How Totally Stupid It Is

Hello everyone,
I am sure all of you have heard of how the zodiac changed because some astronomer suddenly "discovers" the precession of the axis, something we have known about for hundreds of years, and also, they also suddenly "discovered" a 13th zodiac sign, Ophiuchus, something that we have also known about for thousands of years. Let me get something straight right now. Nothing has changed!

      Astronomers have no business even touching the astrological zodiac, mainly because the tropical zodiac used in Western astrology is based on the seasons, not the actual constellations. Many of the general believers in just the sun sign and nothing else are worrying that their sign has changed, and some have tattoos of their zodiac sign. You'd see why they'd worry.

      There are currently two main zodiac types in the world, Tropical (Seasons) and Sidereal (fixed stars.)
The tropical zodiac is used in Western Astrology and is based off the vernal equinox at 0 Aries. Of course, due to the precession, the equinox moves backwards. This creates the Astrological Age. We all know about the Age of Aquarius. The Sidereal system is based off of the actual positions of the constellations, not the constellations themselves. The sidereal system is 23 degrees behind the tropical system. The dates listed on the articles you might read are wrong. This was just another method to try to disprove astrology. Nice try.