Friday, January 21, 2011

The Energy Field of The Earth; The Veil.

     On the last post, I mentioned how astrology works esoterically. The soul carrying the planetary energies to the body. Is the soul affected? No. The soul grows and evolves its inner knowledge, but that's it. I like to use the car analogy for this. The driver is the soul, the car is the body, the personality is the type of car and all the enhancements and decorations applied to it. The spiritual path is the road. Karma is all the changes, and obstacles in your way. The more road the driver traverses and the more obstacles he avoids, he becomes a better driver.
     Also as mentioned in the last post, Earth is at its most fundamental level, a school. Just like any school, you don't want your students leaving until your lesson is done. This is the veil.
     The veil is an etheric energy field cutting us off from the other dimensions expect the ones closest to us in vibrational density. Its control center is located on the Moon (in an etheric state.) and it keeps us protected until we know what we're doing. Recently, the veil has been getting weaker. Is a being up there doing this? No. Its us.

     It started in the 1960's, when the veil was pierced open, many people grew in consciousness. That is when the traditional method of doing things was overthrown. They were realizing that the world wasn't right, and they changed it. If enough humans focus energy, we can intend to create a reality which we want. This happened in 1987, an event known as the Harmonic Convergence. Nearly everybody focused on a brighter future. When this happened, the veil weakened severely. People were realizing that the world had been wrong for so long.

     This is leading Earth into a New Age. The Age of Aquarius, as they say. The Earth, the Solar System, and the Galaxy are changing. The Golden Age is approaching. We will hit the next stage in our evolutionary phase.

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