Thursday, January 27, 2011

Expressions of Your Outer Planets; Midpoints again.

In a previous post, I discussed midpoints and how to calculate and use them. I will now show you a astrological technique where the midpoint method gets put into use. When doing readings, you do not normally have a lot of time (30mins) to look at a chart. This is why most professional astrologers do not use most of the midpoints. A chart for which you could read more often such as yourself will have the midpoints done.
    The outer planets (Uranus, Neptune, Pluto) move very slowly and take a generation to go through a sign. That suggests that the expressions are generational, or, more global in nature. If you want to see how the outer planets express themselves in your life, you can use midpoints. These are the Sun/Uranus (expression of individuality,) Sun/Neptune (expression of your dreams and ideals,) and Sun/Pluto (expression of transformation in your life. Note: This will not indicate what the tranformations are, but how they will take place.)

The Sun/Uranus midpoint's position by very close aspect (1° or less) and sign will indicate the expression of your individuality. My Sun/Uranus midpoint falls on 15°24' Libra, which could have many different interpretations. In Libra, the expression of my individuality is in relationships or friends. My friends see my true individuality, and they appreciate it.

My Sun/Neptune midpoint falls on 13°0' Libra. Again, my dreams are expressed through my social life and partnerships.

The Sun/Pluto midpoint which is the most important in my opinion, shows how transformation occurs in my life, my Sun/Pluto Midpoint falls on 14°47' Virgo in a direct conjunction with Mars. Transformation will not only occur in a Virgoan manner (being analyzed, judged but also in a Martian manner (forcefully, aggressively.) Forceful transformation through judgment and scrunity. Ouch. I have already felt this occurring.

Develop interpretations for your own Sun/outer planet midpoints and see if those play out in your life.

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