Sunday, January 16, 2011

Using House Rulerships; Roving Delegates

     When looking at the natal chart, it is important to not only understand what each individual elements represents, but also how the elements work together. Using the house rulerships, or "roving delegates," is one method of understanding how the elements work together.
     The idea of roving delegates of houses is that the house's energies carry to the other house. This idea is best expressed by looking at one's natal chart and applying the roving delegates.
     The ruler of the sign on the house cusp is considered the "house ruler." If the 5th house cusp if on Scorpio, than the ruler of the 5th house is Pluto. 5th house activities are colored in a Plutonian manner (transforming, healing, need for power.) Its safe to say that the natives children will have Scorpio traits or might even be Scorpios! The roving delegates expand this. If Pluto was in the 7th house, Pluto acts as a "delegate" of the 5th house, bringing 5th house energies of the 7th house. Interpreting this, you might say that in your relationships, you gain a great amount of pleasure and they are fun to you. You synthesize this with the Pluto in the 7th house interpretation along with the rest. Using this technique expands your understanding of how the house interacts with the rest of the chart.
     In the case of my chart, my 11th house ruler, Venus, is in the 7th house. You could interpret this as all your relationships coming from your friends, or all your relationships remain friends, no matter what happens, or, using alternative interpretations, your partner(s) could help you realize and achieve your goals and dreams. The roving delegate system is widely supported and used.
     Until next time, when I discuss how Sun-sign astrology has both helped and harmed the science of astrology as we know it.

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