Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Chart Specifics: Relationships

     According to a friend of mine who is a professional Vedic astrologer, the top three things that clients go to professional astrologers are:  relationships, money, and career. Most professional astrologers begin to look at these three things as the first thing they look at before even figuring out what the client wants. In a series of succession posts, I will discuss the specific areas to look for in a chart including spiritual path, relationships, jobs, money, career, natural talents.

     The first one I will discuss is relationships. Apart from money and career, this is the most diverse portion of the birth chart. Some astrologers absolutely despise this portion, but this portion interests me. There are three major things you need to look at.
  • sign, position, and aspects of the 7th house ruler.
  • planets and their aspects to the 7th house.
  • Venus/Mars.
My natal chart for visual purposes.

  The most basic thing you should look at in a chart is Venus (if you are a guy,) or Mars (if you are a girl.) This will show the general types of people they are attracted to. If in Virgo, they are attracted to analytical, hard-working partners. If in Libra, they appreciate physically attractive, balanced partners. Mine is in Gemini, so I am attracted to intelligent, witty, social girls. (I generally agree with that.)

The 7th house ruler and aspects are very important in this. They show, even deeper, what kinds of people you may attract/are attracted to. The planets in the 7th house show the partners/circumstances you are promised. Let us take all these ideas and synthesize them. (This also assumes you have a basic knowledge of the planets in the houses as well.)
  • secure, emotional [Cancer] relationships are a major part of my life. Without a partner in my life, I feel lost and incomplete. [Sun in the 7th house] I require communication in a relationship and talkative, intelligent partners are greatly favored. [Relationships Ruler, Mercury in the 7th]
  • I have been promised a bright, talkative, beautiful partner who may have a temper. [Sun, Mercury, Venus in the 7th house. Venus square Mars]
Timing relationships can involve the outer planets, your relationships ruler, and your chart ruler. If your 1st house ruler is conjunct your 7th house ruler in the 6th house, You may meet someone through work OR you may meet someone who performs performs duties to you.

The asteroid Juno indicates the kind of partner you will relate to the best. In Sagittarius, I relate to those with Sagittarian qualities.

The next 'Chart Specifics' I will look at is spiritual path. This one is a more direct and there are still many signs.

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