Astrology and Numerology

    I know for a fact that there are already those that use astronumerology, but I wanted to highlight the basic concepts of how I see and use astronumerology.

Astronumerology is the application of astrology and numerology to build a bigger picture of who the person is and to empower them with the strengths and tools they were given. When you give or get a reading, it is empowering to give or receive tools they may not have known about, or have known about, just didn't know how to use it.

The 4 core numbers (Life Path, Destiny Number, Soul Urge, and Inner Dream) illustrate the basic disposition of a person (as the Sun, Moon, and Ascendant do.) The Life Pinnacles, Challenge Numbers, Essences, Planes of Expression, and a lack of; or abundance of numbers in the name as well as a chart reading can complete the personality. Many people, believe it or not, do not understand themselves or why they do things. A reading can definitely help.

The Life Path number in numerology represents the core being; the traits you were born with and carry with you throughout life. The Destiny number represents what you are here to learn; the opportunities given. You adopt a lot of the Destiny Number traits throughout life. The Soul Urge number is your cravings; your inner self, the personality that people normally do not see. The Inner Dream number describes who you wish you were; who you dream to be. You do not usually become your Inner Dream number unless it is another one of your core numbers.

Numerology deals with more general aspects of the personality while astrology deals with the more specific details of their life. Combining the generals and specifics can create a personality profile like no other.

Synthesizing the interpretation of the Life Path number, with the Sun/Moon/Ascendant has proven to be very, very accurate in readings.